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Welcome to McPhail Kilt Makers!

One of the most common questions we receive is, "what should I wear with my kilt?" So we have put together this page with quick links to help you through every step of the process.



The first garment you should choose is your custom kilt. You probably already have an idea of what tartan you want and if not, that's okay too. 

The amount of tartans can be a bit overwhelming at first, but don't worry. Our kilts are organized on our website by weight and weaving mill. There are so many options that the alphabetical tartan names had to be spread over several product buttons. Go to the Custom Kilts Page and make sure under "Sort By" it says "Alphabetically" to make it easier for you. To look for your family or district tartan, simply browse through the kilt product that will contain the name alphabetically. There are also Scottish District Kilts, Irish County Kilts, and Welsh Kilts

All of our kilts are custom made to measure for you! Here is the measurement guide to help you take your measurements at home. Send an email to if you have questions.

These kilts come with matching tartan garter flashes for your kilt hose.


You will also need to pick a sporran. There are three different types of sporrans and you choose them based on the event you are going to and/or your own personal style. Plain leather sporrans are the most casual, Semi-dress sporrans are for day wear, and Dress sporrans are for evening/formal wear.

Click HERE to check out our sporrans.

Kilt Hose (Socks)

 You will need knee high kilt hose to wear with your kilt. There are many colours and options. The socks can match colours that are found in your tartan, so be mindful of what kind of colour you want to bring out, it's also nice to match hose to a nice tweed day jacket but we'll get to the jackets later.

Click HERE to check out our Kilt Hose.


Ghillie Brogues

These are the style of shoes that are generally worn with the kilt outfit. They are tongueless shoes with long laces that lace up the leg. 

Please note that they are listed in UK sizes. If we do not have your size, email us at so we can order them in for you.

Click HERE to check our our Ghillie Brogues.


If you are going for a casual look, check out our Jacobite Ghillie shirts they come in black and cream.

If you are wearing a jacket, you'll need a tuxedo shirt. 

Click HERE to check out our shirts.


The Prince Charlie jacket is the most formal of the jackets that we have. It has chrome rampant lion buttons, satin lapels, tails, and includes a three button waistcoat*. These jackets work well for evening attire and go well with a black bow tie.

The Tweed jackets are day jackets and include a matching five button waistcoat*. These jackets are also good for formalwear.

*a waistcoat is a vest.

Click HERE to check out our jackets.

Belt and Buckle

If you're going casual and you're just going to wear the kilt, sporran, hose, shoes, and shirt then the belt and buckle will complete the outfit. 

A belt and buckle can be worn if you are planning on wearing a day jacket without a waistcoat

Click HERE to check out our belts.

Click HERE to check out our buckles.



A Sgian Dubh (pronounced skee-ən-DOO) is a small knife that is held in by the sock. These are mostly decorative but they can be sharpened. 

Click HERE to check out our sgian dubhs.


A Kilt Pin is a decorative pin that is pinned to the top apron of your kilt approximately 2" from the fringed edge and 2" from the bottom.

Click HERE to check out our kilt pins.

Other accessories such as cufflinks and pocket watches can be added to you outfit. E-mail if you would like to special order a sporran, sgian dubh, kilt pin, cuff links, and/or belt buckle with your clan crest.


We love to guide customers through the process of choosing accessories, so please do not hesitate to ask for advise on what we think would look best with your tartan.